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Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Series

Writing these long blogs has not proven easy for me and has resulted in long gaps between entries. Additionally they probably aren't read as widely as shorter entries. So in an effort to get more content "out there" and to promote wider reading and dialogue I have decided to blog in the more traditional way in smaller parcels.

Someone suggested a series of smaller entries on some of the key learnings TOC has generated over the years, so I am going to try. Let me know what you think, the first series I am going to offer is "lessons in Learned about managing Projects, Strategies for delivering more projects, faster."

I hope you enjoy it.



David Peterson said...

Good plan! Don't store up so much intellectual inventory!

billpapa said...

I agree! The posts of your blog are excellent if a bit infrequent and there still is a shortage of TOC thinking in the blogosphere.

Uwe Techt said...

Hi Kevin, I'm looking forward to your insights. Uwe